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The essential principle for Euro So.Cap. is to maintain the highest quality of all its products. Indeed, the Company is unique in that it has chosen not to utilize acids and other chemical agents in any of its products. Euro So.Cap. recognizes that certain chemicals can attack the hair and alter its natural structure.

With quality always in mind, Euro So.Cap. uses precise and specific techniques when combing and mixing the hair,. These were developed in order to get strong, healthy, shiny and silky hair. Again quality is an important factor for Euro So.Cap. when it comes to after care. It is necessary to offer advice to the customers about the care and the upkeep of hair. In order to get the best out of the hair extension, Euro So.Cap.'s advice is to wash the hair softly using the Art Super Shampoo, a product of the Silk System line with balsamic effect, which nourishes and hydrates the hair.

While washing the hair, it must be massaged and blot dried with a towel, always following the direction of the cuticles and it should never be rubbed.

After the shampoo, while hair is still wet, we recommend the use of Snode, from the Silk System line. This untangles the hair, creates the appearance of brightness and volume and makes it easy to comb. Spray the Snode on wet hair, massage it for 2-3 minutes and comb it softly using a wide teeth comb, starting from the tips and up to the roots.

After rinsing, the hair must be wiped without being rubbed but blot dried with a towel along all its length, thus preserving the natural closing of the cuticles. In order to get a wavy effect on the hair, we advise the use of a hairdryer with a diffuser. If a straight effect is preferred, the hairdryer can be used without a diffuser. Then comb the hair while wiping it.

To comb dry hair, Euro So.Cap. recommends two specific products from the Silk System Line: Distri Flù and Serum Fluid, which help to untangle the hair making it shiny and slick for the brush. Also Euro So.Cap.advises that the hair be gathered into a ponytail or a braid in certain situations as for example: swimming pool, sauna, sea, gym and while sleeping. In fact in these particular occasions, elements which are rich in salt like sea water, pool water, extreme sweat etc., can dry the hair up making it frizzy and hard to comb, making it easy for it to be knotted and tangled.

For the correct preservation of the hair, Euro So.Cap. recommends the periodical use of  the Nutry Cream mask, that nourishes and revitalize the hair.

Chlorinated and/or sea water may cause a bleaching or pigment change effect on the extensions specially lighter shades if they are not protected with the Serum Fluid which is a silicone based product to protect against such a elements; apply and wait an hour before exposing the extensions to this types of water.

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