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Featured J Beverly Hills Lines

j beverly hills® was created by juan juan, celebrity stylist and founder of the juan juan salon – a beverly hills landmark. j beverly hills is a premier producer of hair and colour products that are available only through the finest professional salons. juan juan's vision is to empower fellow salon professionals by providing the knowledge and resources to establish themselves with an individualized perspective and approach in an ever changing competitive industry."

the j beverly hills mission is to offer a professional salon product concept that best reflects juan's desire to promote his industry, rise above the ordinary and help salons obtain their true potential both artistically and financially.

j beverly hills is anti-diversion. at j beverly hills, we recognize the importance of exclusive, non-diverted products that develop the businesses and careers of our clients. that's why you will not find any of our products online on our website or retail store shelves. we simply refuse to divert because we know that it would be at the cost of our loyal salons and network.

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