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Ice Crème

Ammonia-Free Powder Lightener

Ice Crème utilises the latest technology in powder lightening, being totally free from ammonia. This new technology is much kinder to the hair producing less swelling, porosity and damage. Ice Crème does not contain ammonia or other odorous ingredients and therefore allows the use of delicate fragrances such as Apple and Fresh Mint. The Apple variant also features a pale green powder making it easier to judge the level of lift whilst processing.

Ice Crème's amazing new formulation quickly mixes to a creamy gel consistency unlike normal bleaches. This makes for easy application and the product does not dry or flake during the lightening process.

Ice Crème is also very versatile and can be used with any strength of developer (even 3%) to produce gentle, medium or extreme lifting power. The dust free consistency and fast easy mixing make Ice Crème even more user friendly.

Ice Crème is available in single 500g and 5 x 500g multi-pack variants.

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