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Simply, today’s consumer expects fashion options. And, true fashion expression falls short if the hair is not an integral part of that expression. The fahrenheit 450° Line was developed specifically for clients who regularly wear their hair in smooth, straight styles. This may also be the client who is struggling with unwanted volume, frizzy, or curly hair. They need manageability and control. They need to “Do Smooth Right”.

Whether on a permanent or temporary basis, creating smooth/straight hair is reliant upon “extreme heat” flat irons. The fahrenheit 450° Line has met the challenge by developing two technologically advanced systems that provide the options clients pursue, and perform in extreme heat conditions.

f450° One Pass® Hot Iron Activated smoothing crème is a “take-home” styling product that produces a temporary smoothing/straightening effect, controlling volume, frizz, and wave until the next shampoo. Fortified with a combination of certified organic extracts (Cuticle Fusion Complex®) chosen for their ability to thrive in hot conditions, one pass smoothes and seals the cuticle to lock-in vital moisture while repelling humidity and environmental influences. Today voluminous and wild…tomorrow on the straight and narrow.

For the client looking to make a commitment, f450° Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment will safely and effectively create smooth/straight hair for up to 12 weeks. Based on amino acid technology, Amino Fusion is 100% formaldehyde-free, and requires no “curing” period. Plus, smooth balance® the synergized shampoo & condition “after-service” maintenance will help prolong the service results, and protect your smooth investment.

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