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Featured Thermafuse Classic Line

Classic Line:

Thermafuse products are formulated to protect and repair heat-styled hair by utilizing HeatSmart Complex®. This registered technology combines a molecule from natural ingredients that are substantive and capable of penetrating deep into the hair shaft, with a molecule that makes heat good for hair. This newly formed molecule, along with 7 other ingredients from nature, are activated with the heat from blow dryers to make your hair look and feel it’s very best.

The Classic Line offers salons a complete range of hair care to meet the needs of back bar and the retail consumer. Thermafuse shampoos are sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free, and cater to the three most popular demands of clients – Color Care, Volume, and Moisture. Each with its complementary Condition mate. The full assortment of styling products (Stylers) fulfills every creative inspiration. Uphold Aerosol Spray is an industry leader. Additionally, products are 100% paraben-free and Vegan, and we maintain a strict “no animal testing” policy. Every product of The Classic Line has HeatSmart Complex as the primary ingredient. If you use heat to style…you should be using Thermafuse.

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