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Ammonia-Free Highlighting Meches

AFFINAGE Blonde is an ammonia free highlighting and blonding crème featuring DATEM™ Technology giving superb lift with low percentage of developer and leaving the hair in excellent condition.

Blonde's gentle ammonia free crème with protective ingredients protects the hair structure whilst lightening to leave the hair soft, shiny and full of life.

Blonde is ammonia-free and uses gentle ingredients which protect the hair's integrity whilst lightening.

DATEM™ Technology - this unique Affinage Technology enables maximum lift to be attained whilst using low percentages / volumes of developer thereby limiting any disruption to the hair for superb condition and shine.

Any highlighting technique can be used with Blonde e.g. foils, caps etc.

Ease of use/mix - Blonde's unique crème formulation makes the product quick and easy to mix with the booster powder for simple and easy application.

Blonde can be used with all volumes of developer - 3%, 6%, 9% or 12%

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