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Waving Lotion with Cysteamine Technology

Now all hair can be permed! Affirm is a unique fixed process perm that combines the best features of an alkaline and an acid system for great curl and condition. Affirm gives unparalleled results, even on damaged hair - soft or firm curls with elasticity root lift and lasting power.

1 - For Normal and resistant Hair
2 - For Tinted & Chemically Treated Hair
3 - For Fragile or Highly Processed Hair

AFFIRM features the following benefits:
· Amino Acids (protein complex) containing CYSTEAMINE.
· Fixed processing times of 10 or 15 minutes - no test curl means no guess work!
· No ammonia content for improved hair condition.
· No thioglycolic acid in strengths 2 or 3.
· Unique anti-ageing ingredients maintain hair structure & improve condition, 
  bounce & shine.
· Near neutral pH.
· No odour - contains new deodorisers.
· No fade or curl relaxation.
· Totally safe - perm with confidence.
· 3 applications per pack

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